Lemon Juice to Lose Weight

Worried over your constantly increasing weight? It’s time that all your worries would soon dwindle into ashes. Now, you need not look for expensive tablets or weight loss programs to shed that extra weight. Just get into your kitchen and you would soon find the solution to your problem. Do you see lemon juice there? Well, that’s the answer to your problem. I know many of you might have had a raised eyebrow with the question “Does lemon juice help you lose weight?” Read further and you would soon know.

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Whole Lemon Chicken

There are a wide variety of whole lemon chicken dishes found all over the world in several cuisines. Not surprisingly, lemon and chicken are the featured ingredients in all these dishes.

In Canada, chicken pieces are usually deep fried and sweet sauce with the flavor of lemon is coated on these pieces. The popular version in Australia is cooked by crumbing large chicken pieces and basting them with some lemon juice. The chicken pieces are then baked in an oven. At times, people in Australia also prefer to coat chicken in the batter, which is further fried and finally covered with the lemon sauce.

Pollo al limone is the Italian version that involves roasting the whole chicken with some freshly squeezed lemon juice, white whine, mirepoix, and fresh thyme. I know that many of you must have had water in your mouth by now, so given below is a quick recipe of a barbecued whole lemon chicken.

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Is Lemon Juice Good for Skin?

The health benefits of lemon juice are simply countless and its demand increases even more during the summer as it makes for a great rejuvenating drink. But do you know that you can also use lemon juice to enhance your skin as well? Yes, it’s true! The high content of Vitamin C in lemons makes it an effective skin care aid.

If you are still wondering “Is lemon juice good for skin?”, then you simply need to read further and soon you would find the answer to your question.

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What Is Lemon Zest?

Many of you might have come across the term “lemon zest” while preparing food in your day-to-day lives. But do you really know what is lemon zest? Well, if you do not know, this article would surely prove to be of great help to you. The outer yellow skin of lemon is referred to as lemon zest. This layer of lemon is rich in volatile oils that make it very flavorful. This is why you find lemon zest as an ingredient in many recipes along with lemon juice.

The method of peeling away this zest from lemon is known as “zesting”. You may look for necessary tools at kitchen supply shopping stores that are especially designed for zesting purposes. You may also zest any citrus fruit like orange with these tools as they are not specifically made to zest lemons. So, you can easily infuse immense flavor to your dishes by zesting several citrus fruits.

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Some Unusual Uses for Lemons Around Your Home

Lemons are a wonderful fruit with great fragrance. Apart from endowing the tart flavor to your beverages and food, there is a lot more that you can do with lemons. Ah! I can see your grin. What are you thinking about? That I am talking about the health benefits, skin care or making lemonade for a refreshing drink? Well, if this is what is going on your mind then I am sorry, you would be disappointed.

What I am talking about are the more unusual uses for lemons that apply to household purposes. So, simply go through the pointers below and brush up on your knowledge with some new useful information for your home and family:

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Lemon Chicken Crockpot Recipe

A crockpot is an electric slow cooker that is comprised of a glazed ceramic pot and a removable lid. It is thermostatically controlled and works on a relatively low temperature. As a result, it can remain on for a long time and continue to cook your lemon chicken or other food until it is very tender. It comes in a different size ranges, usually between two and eight quarts. You can make a variety of dishes in a crockpot such as meat, fish, or vegetables, but for now we will look at how to do lemon chicken.

Here is the basic recipe. You may need to adjust the proportions depending on the number of people you are serving.

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Meyer Lemon Trees

Meyer lemons are quite famous among the foodies as well as the master chefs. Many people also prefer to grow Meyer lemon trees in their homes. These trees have been named after Frank Meyer, who brought them first to the United States in 1908 from China when he was working for the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). The popularity of these trees increased almost exponentially until it was attacked by a virus that was discovered in them during the mid-1940s.

In view of the virus, Meyer lemon trees got banned in the U.S. so as to avert the virus from spreading to other varieties of lemon. As a result, another version of Meyer lemon tree was introduced in 1970. This was a virus-free version and it soon became the favorite among many home growers. The lemons are exceptionally succulent and sweet in this variety.

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Types of Lemon Trees

There are several types of lemon trees that can be spotted. These trees are thorny and evergreen with light green oval-shaped leaves that grow 6 meters high and bear purple flowers. Lemon trees start to bear fruits when they are in their third year. Many of them are even known to produce up to 1,500 lemons each year. The largest lemon producers of the world are Argentina, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Greece, and the USA.

Types of lemon trees: The most common types of lemon trees are Meyers and Rough Lemon; however, there are also a few others of significance, which are explained below.

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Lemon Juice on Apples: Prevent Your Apples from Turning Brown

Are you tired of throwing away apples as they turn brown soon after they are cut and your choosy kids refuse to eat them? Obviously, you can’t even offer brown apples to your guests. So, ultimately there is no alternative left other than to throw them away or perhaps try to scrape off the brown portions and salvage them for applesauce. But what if your apples do not turn brown anymore when you have cut them? Doesn’t that sound great? Of course, that is possible!

Lemon juice on apples is a great solution to your problem. This is a common method that has been used since the days of yore to retain the original color of the apple. It is basically the polyphenol oxidase or PPO enzymes that are present in chloroplasts of apples that cause rapid oxidation of phenolic compounds in apple tissues. This is what causes these fruits to turn brown so quickly after they are cut and come in contact with oxygen.

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Lemon Juice for Digestion

It is quite common to see people suffering from indigestion problems. Dyspepsia or upset stomach are other terms that are used in reference to indigestion. In this condition, the inability of secretion of digestive juices in the stomach is the main cause of the problem that leads to discomfort.

It is a great idea to use lemon juice for digestion. You may simply have it first thing in the morning as you squeeze lemon into warm water. You can even sweeten it with honey, molasses, or syrup of pure maple. However, make sure that the gap between your breakfast and consumption of lemon juice is at least half an hour. Lemon juice works great as it enhances internal cleansing. Being an antiseptic and antibacterial, lemon juice reduces the presence of bacteria that cause diseases inside the digestive tract.

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