Lemon Juice for Acne: A Natural and Effective Remedy

How many times have you seen an advertisement where a young girl endorses a product for acne treatment? Surely it must be beyond count. Sadly, it is a very common predicament of young adults, who keep experimenting with different drugs and cosmetics to possess a clear skin. In most cases, they forget to check at their own place where a secret solution awaits for them.

Lemon juice is the secret to a spotless skin and the best part of it is that it has no unfavorable side effects. In other words, lemon juice for acne treatment is generally effective and safe. Not only is it wonderful for treating acne, it also helps to make the skin supple and blemish-free. Read on to find facts about this wonderful fruit, which has power-packed components to make your skin smile.

Does lemon juice really help cure acne?

One of the doubts that keeps bothering people is whether lemon juice is truly effective on acne. If you study about the fruit, you will know that lemon juice works as a disinfectant and aids to make your skin acne-free. Citric acid, the main compound in this fruit plays a vital role in cleaning up the clogged pores and destroys the bacteria, which are responsible for acne. This acid with a low pH acts fast and gives you a glowing skin with no blemishes.

Lemon juice for acne scars: How does it work?

Acne scars are the worst thing one can face, but putting lemon juice on acne marks is a reliable option. The citric acid in lemon juice, which is a part of the group of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) aids in exfoliating the skin and helps to slough off the dead skin cells. Once cleared, the skin cells cannot block the pores of the skin and hence the  propionibacterium acnes bacteria cannot take the action to form new acne. Next, this acid helps the growth of new skin cells and finally results in making the scars appear soft, similar to the skin after any skin peeling treatments. Nevertheless, the final results would depend on the severity of the scar.

A few tips for using lemon

Undoubtedly, lemon juice works wonders in treating acne but you need to be careful with this natural power. People with sensitive skin need to take care; if the skin irritates or there is any sign of redness of the skin, it is advisable to stop the treatment temporarily. If the irritation persists, it would be best to avoid the use of lemon juice. The juice works as a natural astringent and results in a drier skin, which for some people is uncomfortable.

Therefore it is recommended to moisturize your skin after the use of this acidic juice. To be safe from any complications, it is best to dilute the lemon juice with water before applying on the skin. Exposure to sunrays is not suitable if you have applied lemon juice as it may cause a more severe sunburn that you would receive otherwise if you are normally susceptible to this condition.

In the category of natural remedies to cure skin disorders, lemon features on the top due to its exceptional properties. Use of lemon juice for acne treatment is testimony to another power of nature’s bounty.

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