How Lemons Contribute to Good Health

Refreshing lemon juice, essential lemon salad dressings and lemon skin care products are all formulated on the basis of the amazing health benefits of this fruit. Rich in vitamin C, phosphorous, dietary fibers, ascorbic acid and other nutrients, lemons lack saturated fats and cholesterol and contain fewer number of calories than most other foods. Learn about the top health benefits of lemons that make them popular ingredients for food preparations and skin care products.

Help Maintain Healthy Body Weight

Regular consumption of lemons can help prevent weight gain. At the same time, the fruit has been proved to be a wonderful weight loss remedy. Having lemon juice mixed with honey and warm water can accelerate the process of burning the excessive body fats.

Add Value to Skin

A rejuvenated skin can be obtained with the help of lemons. Apart from regularly nourishing the skin with products containing lemon, you can drink lemon juice to delay the signs of aging. The fruit is also useful in treating various skin conditions like acne and eczema. Burns, scars, blackheads, and wrinkles are the undesirable skin marks that can be eliminated with the use of lemon.

Keep the Mind Fresh

Lemon is not only refreshing for the body, but it can also maintain the normal state of your mind. Apart from relieving the body from fatigue and tiredness, lemon juice can deal with conditions like anxiety and depression. Tension and nervousness are other common mental issues that can be addressed with consumption of lemon. It is also believed that lemon balms can increase one’s concentration and boost work efficiency.

Effective for Fever and Chills

Lemons are said be one of the best home remedies that can be quick in dealing with fevers and chills. You can add a few drops of lemon to hot water and have it once every two hours. Lemon tea is another recommended remedy for expelling the disturbing symptoms of fever. Cold, flu, and sore throats are other related health issues that can be alleviated with the help of lemon drops added to warm water or tea.

Relieve Upset Stomach

Lemons are great in dealing with indigestion that may be caused by the intake of contaminated foods. The digestive qualities of lemon are also helpful in treating the related disorders like gas and bloating. You can maintain good digestion with regular intake of lemon as it helps in increasing the production of required bile juices. Constipation and heartburn are among other conditions from which you can obtain relief with lemons.

Other Useful Benefits

Here is a list of other health benefits that you can enjoy by including lemon in your regular diet:

  • Lemon water is capable of purifying the blood.
  • Rich in potassium, lemons are also recommended for patients suffering from high blood pressures on regular basis.
  • Lemons make gums healthy and prevent them from bleeding. Tooth pain can also be cured by massaging lemon juice on the affected areas. Not to forget, lemon is used in a number of mouth fresheners.

In addition, lemons can add great taste to food preparations. With all such wonderful qualities, you can’t afford to miss the presence of lemons in your food and drinks.

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