How to Make Lemon Sugar Perfume

In the recent past, sugar has been used in the treatments of skin and body. Presently the charming sugar scent is made in conjunction with lemon to act as a spectacular fragrance that most women prefer to use. This lemon sugar perfume can easily be prepared at your home. As the name indicates, the essential ingredients for preparing your own super fragrance perfume are lemon scented leaves and sugar. An airtight jar is required for enclosing and storing the ingredients.

Here are the steps to make your lemon sugar perfume:

  1. You have to collect some geranium leaves scented with lemon. You also need to make sure that the leaves you pick are free from all kinds of plant diseases. Leaves with some brown marks should be avoided. Another important thing to note here is that pesticide sprayed leaves won’t help you to get a good fragrance. Main thing about the leaf is that it should be completely fresh and healthy with a bright green color.
  2. You can make use of small scissors for cutting the leaf. Then soak it in a bowl of clean water to remove the soil residue sticking with the leaves. Apply gentle pressure to clean them but do not make any damage to the leaves. Avoid using soap or other chemical cleaning materials.
  3. After cleaning, the leaves should be dried completely before further processing. For drying, paper towels are recommended. Since geranium leaves are made of hairy type matter, it takes some time to completely dry them. The leaves are placed between two papers and gentle dabbing force is applied constantly till it gets dry.
  4. Take an airtight jar and fill it up with a layer of sugar. Layer thickness can be an inch or more. Now, place one geranium leaf scented with lemon on the sugar layer. Once again fill another layer of sugar above the leaf. Place one more leaf on the second layer. Continue this procedure until the jar is completely filled with leaves and sugar.
  5. The jar is then closed with an airtight lid. For easy recognition, label the jar with details of the sugar and geranium leaf scented with lemon and also the date of preparation. This jar should be stored for at least two weeks in a dry and cool place. Finally, all the sugar in the jar takes up the scent of the lemon. Now, your lemon sugar perfume is ready for use.
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