Master Cleanse Lemon Diet Benefits

The secret of an ultimate Lemonade Diet has been known for more than 50 years, though its popularity soared a few years ago when Beyonce lost almost 20 pounds through this diet in her flick, Dreamgirls.

Master cleanse lemon diet is another name for the lemonade diet, which was initiated as a fasting and detoxification program by Stanley Burroughs. The diet intends to allow our bodies do away with internal wastes and toxins lying within that are a result of insufficient exercise, negative attitude, and improper diet. However, apart from fulfilling these motives, the diet also emerged as a great method for weight loss.

Digestive disorders and diseases can easily be prevented by the lemonade master cleanser diet. The primary reason for the amazing results of this diet is that it targets exactly the right area, intestines, where most disease initiates. So, it is also easy to keep a check on weight gain by this method.

As all organs and cells are purified, this diet also works wonders in cleansing your kidneys. Any calcification or waste is flushed out from the body, no matter if it is within the muscles or the joints. Loss of body weight and alleviation of pressure from the arteries, blood vessels and nerves are some other benefits that come in handy with this master cleanse lemon diet. Not to mention, immense enhancement in the elasticity of the skin that you are sure to notice, as lemon is known to have the characteristic to work as a cleansing and loosening agent.

There are two ways in which you can go about following this diet:

1. You may adhere to this diet for 3-5 days and follow a simple lemon drink recipe throughout. At this time, it is recommended not to eat other foods. Simply mix two tablespoons each of freshly squeezed lemon juice and organic maple syrup in 10-14 ounces of water. Do not forget to put in some cayenne pepper (only a pinch is sufficient), which will help to improve blood circulation. Make this drink just before you consume it and take it after a gap of two hours throughout the day. Though many people say that you can continue this diet for around 40 days but 7 days of adherence is enough to avoid any weakness due to loss of nutrition.

2. Another method is to have this beverage every morning around three times every month and follow a healthy diet alongside.

You can consume purified and fresh water while following any of the two methods. However, cleansing in the second method will not be as effective as the first method; it is advisable to have realistic expectations.

It is essential that you reduce toxic load within your body, before you start with the master cleanse lemon diet. This suggests that you must not take sugars, coffee, processed foods, sodas, or alcohol before a few days of starting the diet. Good nutrition and quality sleep is also important for optimum benefit.

Once you are through with your master cleanse lemon diet, you are sure to feel rejuvenated and energized.

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4 Responses to Master Cleanse Lemon Diet Benefits

  1. detox diet says:

    I really think being fit and healthy will come back into vogue. I think people are getting so fat and unhealthy, they really do want change. I wish some of these fats food houses would be put on trial for the crap they serve up as food. I might be slightly of topic, but it needs to be said.

  2. Eugene Schroen says:

    You will find a lot of cleanser items for intestinal tract accessible in foods stores and drug shops near you. These colon cleansing items would include a combination of laxatives and fiber-rich meals such complete grains and acai berries to name a few. These items include nutrition that aids in the whole detoxification procedure.

  3. Tobias Mcginity says:

    Your wellness is directly associated to how wholesome your colon is, because intestinal tract may be the primary organ that is responsible for cleaning the physique from the toxic wastes. Whatever you eat ends up in as poisons in your bowels. Over a period of time, these toxins construct up and trigger severe illnesses such as obesity, bowel problems and numerous other diseases. So, to keep your health great, the very first thing you need to do is maintain your intestinal tract wholesome. If you need to be in optimal health without breaking the bank, you may think about home remedy colon cleanse.

  4. Shizue Debrosse says:

    You will find numerous methods to perform house remedies for colon cleansing that you could attempt right aside. To start the intestinal tract cleansing process, you have to make certain amendments to your diet. Our diet is usually now complete of foods which may be changed in numerous methods from what nature intended. Improvements in nutrition often bring adequate outcomes alone, and also the intestinal tract starts cleansing normally.

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